It can be a daunting prospect - inviting someone into your home, your "personal space," to help organize.  I believe it is most important to create trust with my clients. I promise that I will offer this, along with respect and confidentiality. 

We will work one-on-one together to preserve those items which are meaningful to you, while enhancing your space. 

To start, I suggest a phone conversation to discuss goals and concerns. This can be followed by a brief visit in your home so I can properly assess your needs. We can then establish an action plan based on these goals and begin our work together.  

We will "get to the bottom of it all..." e.g.,  your closets and kitchen cabinets. 

  • Organize specific areas: bedrooms, kitchen, storage units, closets

  • Photo archiving/organizing

  • Renovation preparation

  • Moving

  • Create useful filing systems, budget spreadsheets, and folders for managing paper and bills

  • Estate organization: sorting, packing & donating, inventory lists