Rachel is highly organized, flexible in her thinking and a pleasure to work with. She is adept at putting people at ease so that they are comfortable to explore the issues they want to resolve. She is someone you should get to know.

Charles Pumilia, Psy.D, NCPsyA

Rachel's talent resulted in my transforming personal space from a matrix to a well-organized, tranquil space where I can find things with ease. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to organize and simplify their life!

Kelly H.

I am a life-long New Yorker and have acquired over 20 years of marketing and event planning experience within the legal, accounting, and advertising industries. I have also provided conference consulting for mental health organizations. 

My first apartment was 350 square feet. I am all-too familiar with the challenges of moving, managing closet space, paper clutter, and a busy schedule. I also appreciate how significant our possessions are, and what memories they may hold. 

Additionally, I am keenly sensitive to clients' emotional needs when working with situations involving bereavement, hoarding, and clutter created in connection with other emotionally based issues. I follow the pace my clients need, and consult with therapists to process working with emotionally based disorganization.